Welcome to GearSpeed and Thank you for your interest!

GearSpeed is a subsidiary of H&A Transmissions, Inc. GearSpeed provides quality remanufactured Manual Transmissions to Honda and Acura dealerships,

extended warranty companies and independent transmission and automotive repair specialists across the nation.


Through GearSpeed, we also offer quite a few Obsolete/Vintage model transmissions for those who still have their classic Honda or Acura on the road. They are available in both automatic and manual versions.  If we don’t have it, we will gladly build your customer’s unit in a timely fashion (pending parts availability) and get it back to you as soon as possible.


We have recently expanded our operations to include on-site lifts for those customers that prefer to have us do the installation on their behalf.


To access our online parts store, please visit us at: www.gearspeedpartsstore.com or simply click on the parts catalog link above.

H&A Transmissions, Inc. would like to make it known  that contrary to publicized statements, there are no affiliations between Gearspeed and Synchrotech Transmissions. The company officers, management and staff are separate and distinct, there is no common relationship.


H&A Transmissions, Inc is the parent company of two subsidiary companies, Gearspeed and Gearspeed Parts Store. Gearspeed was founded in 2003 and originally focused on providing customized high performance manual transmissions and transmission parts to the automotive aftermarket and racing industries.


H&A Transmissions, Inc. is providing this statement in order to clarify its affiliations.



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