Many of us at H&A Transmissions are avid motor sport fans.  We take in a variety of car and motor sport events, such as the NHRA drag races, car shows, Silver State Race and yes, we even have a NASCAR team in the family.


One day while standing atop the stands at a NHRA event in Pomona, I remember thinking how this had once been just a bunch of guys having fun and how it has evolved into a corporate cash cow. It occurred to me that at some point the import scene should rival what I was looking at as the youth of today are driving Honda Civics / Toyota Celica / Scion and Mitsubishi Evos, not Chevys and Mopars.


So armed with that thought in mind, we got together with our management staff and began creating the foundation for GearSpeed. As the Import race scene began to establish its own following and Civics in the All Motor class began busting through the 12’s we thought, why shouldn’t we take our creative talents to the track. Fortunately the timing was right and we were blessed with enough creative people on staff that we were able to begin building Manual Transmissions with creative gear ratios.


Gearspeed came to life in “2003” focusing its sights on providing customized transmissions to both the Import race crowd and the show car industry offering various finishes that would match the color schemes of the car. We began creating custom gear ratios and improved shift quality through using Carbon coated Synchro kits. Slowly we began building & supplying units for some of the top racing teams in the sports compact series, ultimately providing the transmission for Jeremy Lookofsky and the DVS race team which had the Winning Driver for that year. Since 2004, we have had several articles featuring GearSpeed written in Honda Tuning and Super Street magazines including complete pictorials and in-depth interviews.


With the decline of support and corporate interest in the Sports Compact / Import drag race series, we have elected to take Gear speed in a new direction. Beginning in 2009 GearSpeed will be focusing in on the Transmission Parts supply end of our industry, as well as continue to offer a complete line of stock manual transmissions and obsolete/vintage models. We have all but disbanded our performance emphasis in order to increase the market share of the parent company H&A Transmissions, Inc. www.hnatrans.com . The reality is that while the Performance market has been a great deal of fun and I am sure that we will continue to tinker with the race/performance industry, the more prudent business plan is to reshape GearSpeed into a premier supplier of Transmission Parts.

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