Our Warranty



Nationwide - 2 Years Unlimited Mileage (Parts & Labor – Manual Units)

                      1 Year Unlimited Mileage (Part Only – Obsolete/Vintage)


How it Works


As with any product, occasionally there will be a warranty repair.  Our parts and labor warranty provides an allowance for car rental and towing.


Labor rate reimbursement is based on Honda/Acura Factory book guidelines and will be paid at a rate up to but not to exceed $95.00 per hr. This is the same rate of hours the Manufacturer pays under their new car warranty guidelines and covers the cost of fluids replaced and R&R time only.  It is our goal to ensure that your technicians are adequately compensated for their time spent on a defective unit, while at the same time maintaining a cost efficient system to ensure overall low prices on our product.


If need be, our parts & labor warranty covers your customer to be in a rental car for up to 5 days. Car rental reimbursement is covered at a rate up to $35.00 per day maximum and will be paid only with the original invoice from the car rental agency.


If the vehicle is not drivable and needs to be towed into a shop, our parts and labor warranty allows for reimbursement of up to $100.00 with the original invoice from the towing company.


Our Obsolete/Vintage models are available as a parts only warranty.  This option covers only the replacement Transmission and cost of shipping to the repair facility, including core return.


Conditions of Warranty


Buyer specifically acknowledges that our transmissions are not supplied with some external components such as speed sensors, ATF feed pipes, selector switches, etc. and will require components to be transferred.  The warranty will be void if:


*Vehicle ownership has changed.

*Anti-Freeze is found to have contaminated unit. (Caused by a bad radiator)

*Water is found to have contaminated unit. (Flood damage)

*If in-line filter supplied with unit has not been installed where applicable. (Must return used filter upon

  request for any warranty claim)

*If unit is overfilled (Blowing out the seals) or under filled. (Causing internal damage)

*If Transmission is used for racing purposes. (Causes severe differential damage)

*If unit is damaged due to overheating.  This is normally caused when the radiator loses circulation due to

  deposit build-up and the cooler, which is housed inside the radiator, is not able to adequately perform its

  function. (Evidence of overheating is shown by way of a brown, black or discolored torque converter)

*If external ATF cooler supplied has not been installed where required. (Failure to return used cooler upon

  request for any warranty claim)

*If vehicle has been towed improperly, based on factory guidelines. (This will cause internal damage)

*If the unit has been damaged in an accident or fire.


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